Program Benefits

Program Benefits2018-02-19T15:57:38-04:00
  • Barber training programs for state required 800, 1000 or 1500 hours licensure.
  • 300 hour cross-over program from cosmetology to barbering.
  • Continuing education and refresher programs.
  • Master Education program.
  • Specialized shaving classes.
  • Small and intimate learning environment with students of all ages.
  • Assistance in job placement.
  • Mentoring programs available upon graduation.
  • Barbershop services performed by our students.
    • $8.00 Haircuts
    • $8.00 Shaves
    • $8.00 Facials
    • Chemical Services (prices vary)

At New England School of Barbering we make sure you are prepared at graduation to start your career!